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 The new name, in North
 America,  for high quality 
 handheld gauge products.















The SHAN brand of precision measuring products are manufactured
in China, by the Guilin Measuring and Cutting Tool Works. Recognized 
for superior quality and value for over fifty years, SHAN products 
are carefully manufactured by skilled Chinese craftsmen, using only
the finest materials, to produce a line of fine precision measuring products,
which provide superior service and value for our customers.

Now available in North America, SHAN products are professionally 
distributed by approved ISO 17025 laboratories and industrial
distributors. All SHAN products are warranted for 2 years against 
manufacturing defects, and come with a manufacturing certificate of 
conformance. Our distributors can arrange for any additional 
certifications that you require.

Allen Designs LLC is the North American Marketing Agent for SHAN
products.  We are always looking for opportunities to serve our clients. 
If you do not find the product you are looking for, please contact us to 
see if we can help. Where necessary, we can provide custom designs to 
meet your needs. We can also work with you to develop special products 
for integration into your product line. For more information see your
distributor or contact us directly.

Patrick Allen
Allen Designs LLC 
Phone (513) 489-3181

Fax (513) 489-3181

Be sure and look at our new 240-XXXP "T Square" caliper in the New Products section.  It's unique design eliminates measurement errors you get with conventional calipers when measuring sheet stock.




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